List Go Hotel and Travel Theme


ListGo is one of the most beautiful travel and hotel themes prepared using wordpress engine. Jquery has been used while Developing ListGo is developed. ListGo uses Twitter Bootstrap infrastructure.

The ListGo tablet has been developed to be mobile and desktop compatible and has been enhanced with isotope to more effectively respond to more devices. With imagesloaded in the list go theme, your pictures will be uploaded as much as you need. This will give you speed and bandwidth.

Thanks to codrops reims are loaded with effect. ListGo Wordpress theme can be opened as popup thanks to magnific popup. Listso support fontawesome and Elegant icons. You can easily add the desired icon to your WordPress panel at any time.

In the development of Listgo theme, google fonts are used. You can change the font you want from the interface. Thanks to the Mabox plugin in the ListGo theme, your maps will be much more beautiful. You can also customize the views of the maps with the Leaflet plugin.

The select input of the ListGo contact has been customized using the Select2 plugin. Another nice feature of the ListGo theme is that you can fix the sidebar you want with the included Theia Sticky Sidebar plugin. You can easily create a sidebar with the OWL Carousel inside the ListGo theme. Multi-browser support is also provided with Modernizr.

ListGo has LazyLoad in it. Thanks to this plugin your site will be opened very quickly. With the YTPlayer plugin in the ListGo theme, you can easily preview your YouTube videos.

High Resolution

In cms systems like Wordpress, Woocommerce, Drupal and Joomla The feature sought in the themes used is the high resolution. When your Web sites are high-resolution, the service you have provided will increase in quality, and users will return because they have seen the perfect design. This means more traffic, more access and more profit for you. For this reason, make sure that the theme you use in your WordPress, drupal, woocommerce, OpenCart, magent and joomla systems is high resolution.

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