Lemoni Drupal 8 Theme


There are html files in the theme of Lemony drupal 8. Lemoni theme is fully compatible with drupal 8. The lemoni  theme is made up of html5 and css3. There are 7 different websites in the theme of Lemoni Theme. In the theme of Lemoni, there are 4 homepage work and 1 one page 1 adette shop contact. Lemoni Drupal 8 theme Fullwidth and Boxed Layouts.

The Lemoni theme consists of unique design. Lemoni Drupal 8 theme is fully responsive. The Lemoni theme consists of google fonts and fontawesome icons. You can fully customize the background in the Lemoni theme. You can change colors and elements as you like.

Within the theme of lemony;

  • 404 Error Page,
  • Latest Posts,
  • Call to Action,
  • Carousel Sliders,
  • Columns,
  • Message Boxes,
  • Parallax Backgrounds,
  • Lists Styles,
  • Pricing Tables,
  • Content Boxes,
  • Data Tables,
  • Tabs,
  • Typography,
  • Social Icons,
  • dividers,
  • Image Hovers,
  • Icon Boxes,
  • Team member,
  • Widgets,
  • Standard / About Page,
  • Services,
  • Left Navigation,
  • Right Navigation,
  • Team,
  • Full Width Page,
  • Left Sidebar Page,
  • Right Sidebar Page,
  • Single Image,
  • 2 Columns,
  • Button Styles,
  • 3 Columns,
  • 4 Columns,
  • Blog full width,
  • Blog 3 Columns,
  • Blog Standard,
  • Blog Single Post,
  • Contact,
  • accordions,
  • Contact 2,
  • Contact 3,
  • Login Form,
  • Registration Form

There are studies. With Drupal 8 you can create responsive visuals easily with the theme of these elements you have created. With Drupal 8 WebForm 5 you can use the theme of lemoni to make your form pages easily responsive.

High Resolution

In cms systems like Wordpress, Woocommerce, Drupal and Joomla The feature sought in the themes used is the high resolution. When your Web sites are high-resolution, the service you have provided will increase in quality, and users will return because they have seen the perfect design. This means more traffic, more access and more profit for you. For this reason, make sure that the theme you use in your WordPress, drupal, woocommerce, OpenCart, magent and joomla systems is high resolution.

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